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Location. Brgy. Caucab, Almeria, Bliran. A place to relax. An events place too! Bethany Hill, Weluisa Farm is a perfect place for you to bond with your loved ones. It is a great venue to relax and unwind from all your daily stress.

Bethany Hills, a complete tourism package for nature lovers nestled between the natural scenic views of verdant little mountain ranges and mini-rice terraces and part of the vast and open Biliran Strait where fresh and cold breeze comes coupled by the captivating overlooking view of islets and part of mainland Leyte. It is a perfect venue for people who wanted the serenity of nature where chirping of birds soothes one’s soul and the beautiful flowers and ornamental plants quench the thirst of the weary imagination .


Different events like birthdays, weddings, reunions, etc can be held in the venue. Catering services are also rendered.

Food and Drinks are available (There are short orders in the place or you can request any food that you wish to be served, 2-3 days before the day of visiting). If you want to bring your own food, no corkage fee is to be paid but table/s must be rented for P50.

SMOKING and DRINKING of LIQUOR is strictly prohibited any Violators will be BANNED.

We suggest that you go there early morning (6-7am) or late afternoon (3-6pm). Bring your caps, jackets and umbrellas since it is cold there most of the time.
Contact +63 05 309 9499

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