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Higatangan Rock Formations is 1 hour and 20 minutes ride by an outrigger boat from Naval, the mainland of the Biliran Island. Even with its location it is one of the major attractions that our province can offer.

President Marcos  temporarily took refuge during WWII on this little island,that’s why the highest point on the island (46m) is still called Marcos Hill to this day and a light house is erected on it to guide boat men.

The Higatangan Rock Formations in the Biliran island is the second famous tourist attraction in Higatangan. Along with its beautiful sister the famous shifting sand bar, the rock formation is a beauty of its own league littered in the Higatangan coastline, fronting the wild waves.  The spectacular rock outcrop is crafted by nature’s own hands. It is a result of hundred of years of the resulting elements of heat, wind, erosion and the crashing waves. A heritage sculpted by time, earth’s gift to us.  Some says that our rock formations can rival those in the Biri and Camiguin Island.

Local legend has it that these rock formations are a dwelling place for the supernatural creatures. There were instances that passing boats were rocked and cameras malfunctioned when going near to their home. Tourists are asked to behave when passing by, in order not to invite bad karma. It was also said that there is a secret underwater cave route to Masbate.  Like Mt. Panamao this place is a favourite of the treasure seekers believing that some of the lost Yamashita treasure are hidden in the rock carvings and that in the waters some of the Spanish galleons’ gold were washed near the Higatangan waters.

The rock formations can be found at the back of the Higatangan island, facing the Visayan sea. To get the most vantage point one has to ride a floating device to have the panoramic view.  With the cool green waters and the greenery accentuating the formations it is really nature at it’s best.  One can also walk on foot to get to this attraction from there you can have the unobstructed view of the Visayan sea, you can also visit the nearby Marcos Lighthouse Tower. Be sure to wear comfy footwear as the rocks could be slippery and wear cap for sun protection.  There is also a shore for snorkelling, swimming and diving. Divers said that the back portion of the island has a more diverse marine life.

There are many rock formations in the Biliran Island but the Higatang Rock Formation is the most famous of them all.

Near Attractions

What to Bring

  • Food
  • Water


  • Kayaking
  • Cliff Diving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming

Where to Stay

How to Get There in Higatangan Rock Formation

Via Tacloban City – DZR Airport

Major Carriers serve direct Manila-Tacloban flight at least thrice a day. Travel time is 65 minutes. Cebu bound tourists can take the Cebu-Tacloban flight. From Tacloban City, shuttle vans and buses are available in going to Naval, capital of Biliran Province. Travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Via Cebu City – Mactan International Airport,  Mactan Cebu

Nearest international airport.  From Cebu city fast crafts are available to Ormoc City. Travel time is 3 hours. From there you can take shuttle vans directly to Naval. Travel time 1.5 hour.

There is a direct overnight voyage Cebu to Naval. Please check this link for more information.

From Naval Town Proper 


1. Hire a private boat to take you directly to Higatangan Island.

2. Go the local way; catch a ride at one of the ferry boats going to the Higatang Island. Travel time is roughly 45 minutes.  There are two pump boats going to Higatangan-Naval-Higatagan in the same schedule. They travel daily, they leave Naval port at 12 Noon and travel back at 7:30 in the morning. At sunday there is only one pump boat. Do overnight stay if you go the local way.

Budget Travel Guide

Private Boat/Pakyaw

  1. For a capacity of 15 persons or more, it will cost Php 5,000 roundtrip Naval-Higatangan-Naval.  For a small group of people up to 7 passengers Php 3,000 roundtrip. Prices negotiable.

Local Way 

  1. Regular face is Php 50 per passenger and discounted fare is Php 45 per passenger to the students/ senior citizens.

Getting Around

  1. On foot,  if you feel like trekking you can walk on top of these rock formations
  2. You can ride a motorized banca to tour you around the island, estimated cost for 10 persons is Php 600.
  3. If you want to sweat it out, you can hire a non-motorized banca and paddle your way to the rock formation, estimated cost is Php 50 per hour.

Travelling Tips

  • You should not travel after 5 pm especially when the weather is not good.
  • Purchased your supplies needed for the trip. There is sari-sari store in the island.
  • Bring SPF protection and make sure your camera battery is full
  • Bring enough cash. No credit card/ atm in the island.
  • You can buy fresh fish from the day’s catch. But be sure to bring food in case you don’t like fish
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring umbrella/cap for sun protection
  • Bring your own swimming gear


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