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Bagongbong Falls (Bagumbong Falls). Brgy. Caucab, Almeria, Biliran; 30 minutes ride from Almeria to Caucab, 15 minutes walk towards the waterfalls.

It takes a 15-minute walk in a forested area before reaching the crystal-clear and ice-cold rapids of water coming from the cathedral-like falls nestled in a forested area of Almeria town.



What to Bring

  • Food
  • Water


  • Swimming
  • Camping


Travelling Tips

If you wish to visit Bagongbong falls in Almeria, Biliran, you can contact a local tour guide but the service fee vary and can be negotiated.

Wearing hiking sandals would be advisable especially when it’s raining.

Other Names: Bagombong Falls, Bagumbong Falls

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