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Biliran – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Biliran Province safe?

Biliran Island is indeed safe to visit.  It does not have high crime rates. The Philippine National Police force is highly visible to the public. They also do regular checkpoints to ensure public safety.

  • How do I get to Biliran

Biliran province is located in Visayas and can be conveniently reached by air, boat and car.

  • Where do I stay in Biliran Province?

The province offers a wide selection for travellers to choose in every municipality.  We have luxurious to economy accommodations to match your budget.

  • How do I get around?

The island is easily accessible by public transport or by rental car. Many of the towns have a bus terminal where you can get ride to other neighboring places. Yet the best way to get around the island is via motorcycle “habal- habal.”

For Maripipi and Sambawan Island there are daily boat rides. You have the option to travel from the Kawayan or Naval port.  You can also hire private boat to take you around the islands.

  • What is the food scene?

The Naval town is the major hub for the food lovers.  It offers a wide selection for all tourists from the local cuisine to international cuisine. As for the rest of the neighboring towns, they all have the friendly carenderia or local barbecues.

Some accommodations have in-house restaurants. Also we have a market place if you want to cook your own food.

  • What can I do around the island?

Biliran has a good concentration of waterfalls, mountainous areas, coastal areas, diving spots and little islands. You can basically do the beach life,  rappelling in the waterfalls, camping, cycling, island hopping and diving. The  Biliran island staff can arrange these activities for you.

  • Can I get money from an ATM or the bank?

The Naval Town has three major banks; PNB, Metrobank and Landbank and also atm machines around the town.

There are also “pera padala services” in several municipalities.

  • How can I pay for my transactions?

Credit cards are not accepted in many places. Travellers Checks are not recommended. Please bring enough cash with you.

  • Can I communicate with the outside world?

Yes, Biliran is fairly modern. We have Smart, SUN, TM & Globe coverage in almost all of the municipalities.  You can access the web in areas that have 3G/4G services. There are also establishments that offer fax and printing services.