Biliran Island Boat rental

List of affordable boat for rent for your island hopping. ideal way to visit numerous islands in Biliran is by renting a local charter boat , we offer all-in exclusively boat services to explore your choices of top island sites like Sambawan and Higatangan at your leisure. We offer motorized banca with experienced crew.  daily boat rental starts at P1,000 to P15,000. Boat rates is usually depends on actual headcount and to your desired destinations. so finding one should be absolutely  no problem.


  • November 17, 2015 - April 30, 2021

    Seating Capacity: 10 persons
    Rates: From P 3,000
    Inclusive of fuel and life-vest equipments.


You can rent our boat for your group exclusively, service comes with tour guide assistance, fuel,and life-vest equipments. usually all entrance fee are not included in the boat rental, you can pay  individually upon arrival on each island. we also offers boat transfer for island overnight and expedition tours, just let us know your preferred budget and itinerary, for your scheduling and booking you may contact us.


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