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Maripipi Island, home to the famous Sambawan Island; has a charm of its own, known for its crystal clear waters, friendly locals  and white biogenic sand. Nowadays the island of Maripipi has its newest nickname “The Isle of Gems”; with its recent boom in tourism, it provided a much needed income for municipality and its residents.

Maripipi island has a coastal circumference of twenty-four kilometers. The least populous and the smallest municipality, the town is separated by a channel from the mainland. Maripipi was a vital link for the Luzon-Visayas commerce for its strategic location during the Spanish times. It was as they say where the Spanish galleons set ahoy.

Isla Rosa (Rosette Island) was allegedly the first name of the island. Legend has it that the name Maripipi, was derived from the lovers Maria and Pepe who fled in this unchartered island to escape the wrath of her parents.  The father after a long search, discovered their  hiding place. Maria and Pepe took their own lives in order to be joined in the after life, rather than risked being separated in their lifetime. The island became their tomb,  a silent testament to their tragedy and love.

The Romantics in us, refused to believe that Maria and Pepe did not have their happy ending. Another version of the story was that the star-crossed lovers found their happiness in the island. It was said that their love was what made the island mesmerisingly beautiful. Whatever happened to the couple after, remains unknown.  The island was called in their names, Maria and Pepe, Maripipi as a tribute to their love.

Maripipi Island is also known as the “Island of no Return”.  As the island is steeped in the story of love, they say that once you step on this place, a part of your heart will remain in the island. Others say that you will meet your soul mate right there. Whatever is the origin of this moniker, one thing is sure; indeed it is a place of love and beauty.  The last frontier for unspoilt beauty. Staying true to its legend, the island is drawing people to its shores and true to its moniker, they kept coming back for more.

Main Attractions


  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing
  • Ceramic Making


How to Get There in Maripipi Island

From Naval Town Proper 


1. Hire a private boat to take you directly to Maripipi Island

2. Go the local way; catch a ride at one of the ferry boats going to the Maripipi Island. Travel time is roughly 1.5 hours.  Do overnight stay if you go the local way.

3. Ride a private or public transport to Kawayan Municipality, hire a boat and travel directly to Maripi Island. Travel time is roughly 60 minutes.

Budget Travel Guide

Private Boat Via Naval

  1. For a capacity of 25-30 pax, it will cost Php 6,00o roundtrip Naval-Maripip-Naval. Prices negotiable.

Local Way via Naval

  1. There are three daily scheduled trips from Naval-Maripip-Naval (Maripipi Regular Boat Schedules). Regular fare cost Php 50.00 per passenger.

Private Boat Via Kawayan

  1. For  a capacity of 10-15 pax, it will cost Php 2,000 one way, Php 3,000 roundtrip. Prices negotiable.

Getting Around

Habal-Habal Ride

  1. Habal-Habal ride is the only public mode of transportation around the Maripipi island.  Be prepare to shell out Php 50 – 75 per motorcycle ride. If you prefer to rent the motorbike plus driver the entire day minimum price is Php 500. Prices negotiable

Travelling Tips

  • Purchased your supplies needed for the trip. There is a convenience store in the island that sells basic needs, drinks and snacks.
  • More convenient to travel in groups if travelling via Kawayan in order to save money.
  • If you are going the local way, you need to do overnight stay at Maripipi. Highly recommended Napo Beach Resort for its affordability and safety.
  • You should not travel after 5 pm especially when the weather is not good.
  • Electricity is from 12 Noon up to 12 Midnight.
  • Fresh seafood is cheap


These are the traditional gift items to remember your stay in Maripipi Island.

  • Pottery
  • Maripipi T-shirts
  • Native Rattan


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