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Biliran Island Attractions. Biliran is the best kept secret in Eastern Visayas. The name was derived from “borobiliran” a type of native grass that grew abundantly on the island’s plains.  With its charming villages, rich coastline, rugged mountains and majestic waterfalls, what more can an adventurer want in nature. The island attractions raw beauty and the thrill of discovering a new flora and fauna are what appeal to the masses.

Most visitors are drawn to the turquoise waters and scintillating beaches.It is haven for beach lovers who wanted to frolic in the sand and dive deep in the waters.  Recently some of our islands have been featured in the national broadcasting television. The availability of diving equipment gave way for the discovery of the rich marine life that can rival even the best of Cebu.

The place is not only  for beach lovers. We have a good concentration of waterfalls and hot springs surrounded with rich foliage. Biliran has everything that you can ever want in nature.

Biliran Island Attractions