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DAY 1 – Arrival at 12 Noon

Billeting at D-Mei Residence Inn


Proceed to Bethany Hill Caucab and Talahid Resorts for sunset viewing

Proceed to Masagongsong pool for a relaxing deep


Sample Naval’s nightlife – highly recommended Adaone Bar & Restaurant if you prefer bar style or if you want to hit the karaoke stands, Lola Tanang’s or Chico’s.


Option 1

  • Early Morning pumpboat Ride to Maripipi Island, brief tour
  • Proceed to Sambawan Island, for diving & snorkeling
  • Proceed to Dalutan Island for a brief tour (stay for 30 mins)
  • Higatangan Island to catch the sunset and enjoy the shifting sand bar
  • Do overnight camping or stay at Higatangan Island Beach Resort

Option 2

  • Early Morning pumpboat ride to Higatangan Island
  • Walk around the town or the shifting sand bar
  • Proceed to Dalutan Island for a brief tour (stay around for 30 mins)
  • Proceed to Sambawan Island for diving & Snorkeling
  • Do overnight camping or stay at Napo Beach Resort, Maripipi Island

Day 3 – Back to Naval

  • Pumpboat ride to Naval
  • Lunch
  • Optional tour to Naval Spring Pool/ Biliran Garden Resort
  • Buy souveneirs/ pasalubong
  • Say Goodbye to Biliran Island

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