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Capinahan Island (Capiñahan Island) is one of the three islands situated off the west coast of Biliran, fronting the town of Almeria. Barely 10 minutes away from Brgy.  Talahid, Almeria, Biliran, this island boasts of its crystal clear waters and white sand beach. The place is perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming, or merely lying on the shore beneath the shades of the trees and breathing its fresh sea breeze and the sweet scent of nature. Untouched by modern civilization, nature lovers will surely be awed by the island’s beauty and wonder.

Capinahan Island is now WAD Resort, an island privately own by William Diu, a businessman in Naval. The resort is now open to tourists and the public.


Beach lovers and campers may bring their own food, beverages, tents, and diving paraphernalia.

How to Get There in Capinahan Island

From Naval Town Proper Options

  1. Hire a private boat from the Naval port to take you directly to Dalutan or Capiñahan Island.
  2. Ride a private transport directly to Agta or Talahid Beach Resort. You can hire a private “bangka” from there.
  3. Ride a public transport and get off right on the top of Agta or Talahid Beach Resort. You can hire a private “bangka from there.

Travelling Tips

  • If you are uncomfortable with a long boat ride. You can choose options 2 and 3. Travel to either of these Islands will only take under 30 minutes.
  • Make sure you already purchased your supplies needed for the trip. There is no store and no drinking water in these islands.


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