VRC Resort

VRC Resort at Agta Beach is located in the Philippines on the island province of Biliran, north of Leyte. Situated in Barangay Talahid - about 3 kilometers north of the town of Almeria - it's westerly facing makes it the best place to sit back and enjoy some remarkable sunsets.   [...]

Redstone Ville Beach Resort

Barangay Pulang Bato, Almeria, Biliran, Philippines Redstone Ville Beach Resort & Bar provides refreshment, food, a good variety of local and imported drinks, and plush accommodations that can cater to the sophisticated taste of people who are used to being pampered. Redstone is also a venue for live entertainment on weekends and appointed dates. It accepts [...]

Agta Beach Resort

Agta Beach Resort is located at Almeria, Biliran Province, Philippines. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from Tacloban, which in turn is a one-hour flight from Manila, the country’s capital. Agta Beach Resort is probably the most popular beach in Biliran Island. Named after the cigar-smoking and tree-dwelling giant that supposedly roamed the [...]