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Masagongsong Swimming Pool

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Masagongsong Swimming Pool. The Masagongsong public outdoor pool is located at the Brgy. Masagongsong, Kawayan on the north west coast of Biliran Island. It is one of the several pools in the area. The barangay is famous for its cool spring waters that have come from the mountains, as the purest mineral waters reputed to be rejuvenating.

The Masagongsong Swimming Pool has two rectangular-shaped basins, one shallow pool for children around 3 feet and the other for adults that it more than six feet deep. The adult pool is popular for those who wanted to do laps’ as it is the largest rectangular pool in the area. Unlike the nearby resorts, this one is well hidden from the main road and doesn’t have an ocean view. The trees and shrubbery around the area contributed to the relaxed air of the place.

The Masagongsong Swimming Pool located in Brgy. Masagongsong, Kawayan, on the north west coast of Biliran. naturally flowing cool and fresh spring water that came from the mountain.

The Masagongsong Swimming Pool located in Brgy. Masagongsong, Kawayan, on the north west coast of Biliran. naturally flowing cool and fresh spring water that came from the mountain.

The pool is an enclosed area, surrounded with bamboo cottages and tables for rent. The conference hall that afforded a direct view of the pool can accommodate up to 100 persons is good for party purposes. There are no kiddie pavilions, water slides and bridges in this place. There are separate comfort rooms in this place,

Although this pool is more crowded owing to its cheaper entrance fee, you can be assured that the pool and the surrounding areas are clean due to the regular maintenance of the staff.   Although it is a public mind bear in mind that you have to a minimal fee for entrance and a day’s use of the cottages.

Swimmers are advised to bring their own lunch food as the canteen usually serves an assortment of chips and beverages.

What to Bring

  • Food
  • Water
  • Extra Clothing
  • Cash


  • Picnic
  • Photo op
  • Swimming
  • Wedding/Meeting Reception

How to Get There in Masagongsong Swimming Pool

Via Tacloban City – DZR Airport

Major Carriers serve direct Manila-Tacloban flight at least thrice a day. Travel time is 65 minutes. Cebu bound tourists can take the Cebu-Tacloban flight. From Tacloban City, shuttle vans and buses are available in going to Naval, capital of Biliran Province. Travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Via Cebu City – Mactan International Airport,  Mactan Cebu

Nearest international airport.  From Cebu city fast crafts are available to Ormoc City. Travel time is 3 hours. From there you can take shuttle vans directly to Naval. Travel time 1.5 hour.

There is a direct overnight voyage Cebu to Naval. Please check this link (Naval Shipping Schedule) for more information.

From Naval Town Proper 


  1. Rent a car / motor.
  2. Ride a public jeepney or the habal-habal

Budget Travel Guide

Rent a car/motor

  1. Rent a multicab one way for a capacity of 10-12 pax Php 400*. If round trip you have to pay Php 1000*. If you prefer to rent a motorbike for the day it will be Php 400 + gasoline+driver*.  For a habal-habal ride for a maximum capacity of 3 persons it is Php 150* for a single trip. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes.

Local Way 

  1. Regular face is Php 30 per passenger for a public jeepney. For a habal-habal ride it is Php 50 per pax.

* Prices negotiable

Travelling Tips

  • Bring SPF protection and make sure your camera battery is full
  • Bring enough cash.
  • Bring food and drinks


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