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Viga, Maripipi Island, Biliran. About 20-minute hike from Napo Beach Resort.

Exploring one of the precious places of Biliran is a nice adventure. Maripipi Island does not only have awe-inspiring beaches. It has also an extraordinary creation of nature, the Viga Spring. Located at Brgy. Viga, Maripipi, Viga Spring is a 20-minute hike from Napo Beach Resort.


The cool waters of the spring give refreshment and a soothing feeling to every person who bath in there. Viga spring water would chill you and lighten up your mood. It’s a different kind of spring because of its natural characteristics being not artificially made. There are also grown fishes that are tamed and visitors may feed them. The area was concreted and it is divided into three division; the drinking area, for bathing and washing clothes of the locals. Viga spring is the source of water of the people there since then.



THREE USES. The Viga cold Spring in Maripipi Island provides water for three types of uses. The first level is the main source sa drinking water; the second (lower) level provides water for bathing; and the third level provides water for laundry and washing.


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mariel canonoy
May 1, 2020

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