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At Emponet Barton Beach Resort, we are focused on providing good services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.

How to get there?

IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING FROM MANILA AIRPORT: ……….You have to Book the Flight from Manila to Tacloban Leyte Airport…It will take 45minutes flight from Manila to Tacloban…..then when you arrived Tacloban theres a Passenger Van from the Airport or Van Terminal You have to look for NAVAL Sign….. Then when you travelling from Tacloban to Naval takes 3 hours….. when you arrived Naval go to the port area and look for the Boat to Higatangan Island… will take 35 minutes trip from Naval to Higatangan and the fare per passenger is 50.00 pesos one way FROM CEBU TO ORMOC VIA FAST CRAFT Name: To Go, Wessam… have to choose the time. Fast Craft only from Cebu to Ormoc…..from Ormoc Terminal you have to look for Aircon Van sign NAVAL. Travelling from Ormoc to Naval by aircon Van it takes 3 hours to arrived to Naval…. from Naval you have to go to the Port area and look for the Passenger boat or ask the boat to Higatangan Island…only 35 minutes from Naval to Higatangan island and the boat fare fee would be 50 pesos per passenger one way……….then when you arrived Higatangan island you can ask the Emponet Beach and everyone will know. FROM CEBU TO NAVAL BY SHIP: If you Travelling from Cebu City… you have to book a ticket for Roble Shipping from Cebu to Naval. Ask what day is the schedule trip to Naval….Normally you will depart Cebu 8:00pm then arrive Naval 5:00am early morning. Look for the boat to Higatangan Island……35 minutes trip from Naval to Higatangan and the fare is 50.00 one way By BOAT:……….TRAVELLING FROM NAVAL TO HIGATANGAN ISLAND: You have to look for the Boat in Naval Port and ask for Travelling to Higatangan. It will take 35 minutes from Naval to Higatangan and the Fare per passenger is 50.00 pesos.

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