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Maripipi island is the smallest municipality in Biliran province.  The municipality is famous for its unspoiled beauty and folklore. It is said that the island was built on the foundation of love of Maria and Pepe .   The place is teeming with rich marine life.

Napo Beach Resort is the  only exclusive island resort located in a secluded part; with its crystal clear waters and swimming pool, you will surely enjoy your stay. And did we mention the word “love” at Napo you will love viewing at the comforts of the resort the setting sun. With Napo, we offer exclusivity within budget without sacrificing service and efficiency. A resort like no other at Napo your enjoyment is our priority.

A Boutique will provide you with suntan lotion, t-shirts, sandals etc. We also have a sari-sari store where you can buy food and drinks separated at the resort.

All the bungalow has a solid concrete structure recovered with bamboo to keep the atmosphere of the island. The restaurant facing northwest as the function hall with most of the guests relaxing with a nice classical music looking at the sunset. Music will be introduced as you need as a local rum with coke before a beautiful dinner. A friendly team will look after you during your stay and make sure you will leave Napo with a good memories.

Total Number of Rooms 7


Good reason to come to Maripipi Island

  • The sea is crystal clear with a lot of beautiful coral reef just in the front of the resort.
  • If you want a quiet place to relax.
  • Perfect for a family with children with a nice swimming pool which is very safe for the children.


2 Deluxe Room (2 Guests, 1 Nights)
Bath Room facilities include:
Air conditioning
Bathroom with hot water
P 2,500.00
3 Standard Room (Good for 2 person)
Bath Room facilities include:
Air conditioning
P 1,500.00
3 Standard Economy-Room Double Bed (Share shower & Toilet) P 1,000.00
1 Backpacker room (Good for 3 Person, Share shower & Toilet) P 500.00
2 Cottage Backpacker room (Good for 2 Person, Share shower & Toilet) P 700.00


* Every additional guest per head cost Php 200

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

We dont have a credit card/ATM facility on the resort and no credit card facility within the island either. If you want to pay using your credit card, you can contact our official online booking partner,

Electricity in Maripipi Island runs from 12 Noon to 12 in the morning.  Our resort offers mobile electric fan to each of our guest.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Bar
  • Scuba Diving Shop/School (Open Soon mid December)
  • Boat Transport to Sambawan Island (Php 800 for guest only)
  • Generator


  • We can organize a visit to Sambawan Island. Departure 10am return 5pm or early if you want.
  • FISHING TRIP can be organize afternoon 4pm-6pm.
  • Motorbike around the Maripipi island.
  • Jungle Walk
  • RATTAN NATIVE MANUFACTURER can be arranged to visit.
  • Scuba Diving coming soon mid December
  • Snorkelling and Kayaking

Nearest Attractions

How to Get There in Napo Beach Resort

IF YOU COME FROM MANILA, We recommend you to go to Tacloban City by plane Cebu Pacific/Philippine Airlines flying everyday. Tell us what time you will arrive in Tacloban city, we will organize a transport for you to Kawayan, it is two and a half drive for private transport cost approximately P3,500.(this is for private transport) for four people with luggage. You can also organize with a local transport at the airport and share other people it costs much less but takes longer. When you arrive in Kawayan, they have boat everyday from 5am to 7pm. Ask them to bring you directly to Napo Bech Resort which will cost you P1,000.00 for 1 or 6 persons.

IF YOU COME FROM CEBU, You will have to cross with super cat boat from Cebu to Ormoc city. There is a lot of mini bus going to Naval ask the driver if he can drop you to Kawayan. They have boat everyday from 5am to 7pm. Ask them to bring you directly to Napo Beach Resort which will cost you P1,000.00 for 1 or 6 persons.

IF YOU COME FROM CALBAYOG, they have boat everyday going to Almagro island. Let us know what time you will arrive in Almagro and the Napo Beach Resort boat will pick you up. You can also charter a boat from CALBAYOG directly to Napo Beach resort price between P3,000-P5,000 depending of the boat and the captain.

You can also sent email but We not recommend that option for the reason that the network is not good here. We recommend you to text.

Travelling Tips

If you come here for holiday and you need to check your email, if you’re using smart cellular phone, we recommend you to use globe simcard because it has a good reception here on the island. Make sure you organize with globe supersurf for a better result of your personal Internet.


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Default Avatar75
Beirut, Lebanon
September 4, 2015
“One of Philippines Nature Summer GetAway”

Remote island paradise of Biliran province.. very easy access from every port available to its own Maripipi Island local port. Friendly people every where. Homey accommodation. Like you never left your door step. Fresh fruits. Sea foods. Relax and rejuvenate all you want...

Olivier B
September 2, 2015
“Wonderful Place”

We decided to visit Maripipi island and since this is the only place we read about that provided accomodation we ended up sleeping here.

Though planning on staying for two nights we ended up not wanting to leave and sleeping four nights in total.


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