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Maripipi, Biliran is blessed with beautiful beaches. Candol Cove Beach Resort, located in Brgy. Agutay, is just one of those stretches of white sand that surround the entire island. The enticing azure crystal clear waters will make you go for a swim and discover the rich marine life in the surrounding areas.

It has an air of tranquility that matches the vastness of the sea and the surrounding foliage.


The beach is beautifully designed with well-built cottages that are available for rent to tourists and locals. This place must definitely be on your list for your vacation getaway.

From the Maripipi port at Brgy. Ermita, beach lovers will have to travel 10-15 minutes by a motorcycle with P50.00 fare going to Candol Beach. Visitors may also ask the Maripipi people the road to the beach.

From Napo Beach Resort it is a 15-minute walk.


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