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Nasunugan Watchtower

Location Brgy. San Roque, Biliran, Biliran Nasunugan Watchtower. The most extensive archeological curiosity in the province are the Nasunugan Ruins (which means burned ruins), a half-hectare complex of structural ruins on a hilltop near the highway just outside the poblacion of Biliran town. For nearly a decade now, only the restored Nasunugan [...]

Iyusan Rice Terraces

Iyusan Rice Terraces. Location Sitio Barubohan, Barangay Iyusan, Almeria, Biliran. About 20 minutes by land transport from Naval, the capital town of Biliran Province. The Iyusan Rice Terraces are a manmade agricultural landform and tourist attraction found in Biliran Island. Reviews We Want to Hear From You! Your feedback [...]

Maripipi Island

Maripipi Island, home to the famous Sambawan Island; has a charm of its own, known for its crystal clear waters, friendly locals  and white biogenic sand. Nowadays the island of Maripipi has its newest nickname "The Isle of Gems"; with its recent boom in tourism, it provided a much needed income for municipality and its residents. [...]

Viga Spring

Viga, Maripipi Island, Biliran. About 20-minute hike from Napo Beach Resort. Exploring one of the precious places of Biliran is a nice adventure. Maripipi Island does not only have awe-inspiring beaches. It has also an extraordinary creation of nature, the Viga Spring. Located at Brgy. Viga, Maripipi, Viga Spring is a 20-minute hike [...]

Busai Falls

Busai Falls, Brgy. Ungale, Kawayan, Biliran. About 15-minute hike along the banks of Ungale River in Brgy. Ungale. At the end of a 15-minute hike along the banks of Ungale River in Brgy. Ungale, Kawayan, Biliran, stands the wonderful sight of the Busay Falls. The falls is located just above the [...]

Kasabangan Falls

Brgy. Balaquid, Cabucgayan, Biliran; 20 minutes from the town proper. Multi-layered waterfall The Kasabangan Falls in Cabucgayan is located not far from the national highway. At the end of the access road, you walk on monkey rails along a creek to reach the waterfall. The entrance fee is P10.00 for adults [...]

Ulan Ulan Falls

Ulan-Ulan means rain in the local dialect 25m-high falls, surrounded by thick tropical forest, are some of the most spectacular in Biliran Ulan Ulan Falls. The famed waterfalls of Sampao are very picturesque. Ulan-ulan Falls is one of them and located in the hinterland. You cannot come to Almeria without planning to visit [...]

Tomalistis Falls

Brgy. Asug, Caibiran, Biliran; 20 minutes from the town proper. The Tomalistis Falls is believed and has been reported to have the "sweetest-tasting" water in the world. Its water's taste has a different kind of peculiarity that makes it exquisite. The falls is known to be a main source of fresh water in [...]

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