Mainit Hot Spring

One of the more popular watering spot in the Caibiran Municipality is the spring water located in Barangay Villa Vicenta. Locally known as Mainit or “warm” in English is a popular venue for people who believe in its healing prowess. The Mainit Hot Spring has a man made pool basin with concrete seats [...]

Tomalistis Falls

Brgy. Asug, Caibiran, Biliran; 20 minutes from the town proper. The Tomalistis Falls is believed and has been reported to have the "sweetest-tasting" water in the world. Its water's taste has a different kind of peculiarity that makes it exquisite. The falls is known to be a main source of fresh water in [...]

Tinago Waterfalls

Tinago Waterfalls. The most hypnotic waterfalls magnificently lay its beauty in the heart of Caibiran rainforest, a loop trail taking 10 minutes from the highway. A hideaway that blends perfectly for nature lovers; rich blend of trees, vines, & other exotic plants accompanied by the cooling & enchanting sounds of rushing streams. [...]