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Sampao Rice Terraces

The Sampao Rice Terraces; is a series of endless terraced fields that rose hundreds of feet above sea level . These incredible feats were built by the early settlers and maintenance were handed from generations to generations. Iyusan Rice Terraces Photo by Jalmz The famous terraces is second only to the [...]

Recoletos Falls

Recoletos Falls. The name Recoletos is derived from its namesake San Jose Recoletos statue that is located in a cove just beside the waterfalls. The name was given by the former University President (USJR) whom is a native of Biliran. Recoletos waterfalls is located in the wilderness of Brgy. Sampao in [...]

Candol Beach

Maripipi, Biliran is blessed with beautiful beaches. Candol Cove Beach Resort, located in Brgy. Agutay, is just one of those stretches of white sand that surround the entire island. The enticing azure crystal clear waters will make you go for a swim and discover the rich marine life in the surrounding areas. It has [...]

Tingkasan Bat Cave

The Tingkasan Bat cave is a nondescript sea cave blending at the stony walls of the Tingkasan island facing the Visayan sea; this tourist attractions belongs in the Municipality of Kawayan. The nearest town is Brgy. Balacson. Tingkasan bat cave is home to a colony of bats in which their number is sadly [...]

Mainit Hot Spring

One of the more popular watering spot in the Caibiran Municipality is the spring water located in Barangay Villa Vicenta. Locally known as Mainit or “warm” in English is a popular venue for people who believe in its healing prowess. The Mainit Hot Spring has a man made pool basin with concrete seats [...]

Acaban Cave

Acaban Cave (Lover’s  Cave). The Biliran island province boasts a number of sea caves but perhaps the most famous one is located in the Brgy. Acaban, Culaba.  The Acaban Cave or better known as Lover’s Cave, open to crystal blue waters where you can take a leisurely swim without getting smashed on a big [...]

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