Doña Marilyn (Manoc Manoc) wreck.

  • About 1 km away from Carnaza Island

MV Doña Marilyn was a Philippine inter-island ferry owned and operated by Sulpicio Lines, Inc.

The Doña Marilyn is a huge shipwreck measuring 97.6m in length and laying a 1 and a half hour trip from Evolution. This Japanese built ship was a cargo and passenger vessel that met its fate on the afternoon of 23rd of October, 1988 when it tried to outrun but was unfortunately sunk by Typhoon Ruby (Unsang), leaving 389 dead, with only 147 survivors.  The vessel was headed to Tacloban but unfortunately never arrived.

The Doña Marilyn was a sister ship of the ill-fated MV Doña Paz, which sank a year earlier in the deadliest ever peace-time maritime disaster.

This ship now is sat at around 30m on its starboard side and is surprisingly very intact, making it a perfect diving spot without having to travel too far. With beautiful growth on the top of the wreck at around 18m, and incredible life on it ranging from Scorpion fish, to Nudibranchs and occasionally a variety of the ray family cruising past, all of which contributes to an awesome dive.

The dive itself is perfect for anyone doing their Advanced Open Water (AOW) course, or anyone currently holding this certification just wanting to do fun dives. As well as anyone doing their PADI Wreck Diver Specialty, or even TDI Advanced Wreck as the wreck is fully penetrable.

A site to behold, and a definite must do on your visit to Malapascua.