Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu. Danbantayan’s gorgeous gem, one of the few remaining Visayan Island one can aptly term as “iddylic” the whole 173 hectares of it. Locals say the island is partly owned by a famous clan in Cebu and was fondly called Dodi’s resort after the patriarch’s grandson. for now its simply Carnaza Eco Park.

  • 2-3 hrs from Tapilon Port Daanbantayan, Cebu
  • 1 hr from Malapascua Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu
  • 1 hr from Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran

The island is described as turtle shaped if viewed from above and bordered by the vast blue Visayan Sea on all sides. Here on the jewel of the island of Daanbantayan you can have the luxury to discover the island’s many varied attractions.


How to get there in Carnaza Island

From Cebu City

  • Go to Cebu North Terminal and get on a bus bound for Maya-Kawit. (₱200-250/way)
    Take the earliest trip at 3am so you can catch the passenger boat to Carnaza Island.
  • Tell the driver that you are alighting in TAPILON PORT, Daanbantayan and not Maya port.
    Travel time from the city to Tapilon is 3-4 hours (About 129.0 km)
  • Once in Tapilon port, hop on a boat going to Carnaza Island. (₱100/way)
  • Travel time takes 2-3 hours on the average. (About 26 kms from Tapilon)

From Naval, Biliran

  • Go to Naval, Port, hop on a boat going to Higatangan Island.  (₱60/way)
  • Once in Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran charter a boat to Carnaza Island. ₱3,500 – 8,000/boat 15 pax capacity)
  • Travel time takes 1-2 hours on the average. (About 18 kms from Higatangan Island)

**Prices may subject change without prior notice.

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