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The famed waterfalls of Sampao are very picturesque. Ulan-ulan Falls is one of them and located in the hinterland. You cannot come to Almeria without planning to visit these amazing falls. The walk to Ulan-Ulan takes you along a river, a mountain and  several waterfalls in quick succession. It would take a minimum 30-minute walk to reach the place.

Ulan-Ulan comes from the visayan dialect which means “rain“. The force of the falling waters creates a mist hence the name. It’s cascading waters form a catch basin with water sufficient for swimming.   With its greenery and cool gushing waters, visitors will surely enjoy taking a bath. There are no cottages along the sides of the stream and it is not a place to stay for overnight.

The pathways are steeped and no railing have been installed in places, so you need to be sure footed.



What to Bring

  • Food
  • Water


  • Swimming
  • Canyoning
  • Trekking

How to Get There in Ulan Ulan Falls

From Naval Town Proper

1. Rent a habal-habal or bring your own vehicle to take to you to Barangay Sampao. Travel time is approximately 20-30 minutes. Get off the signage leading to the waterfalls.  Hire a local guide or follow the trail.


Budget Travel Guide to Ulan-Ulan Falls

Via your own vehicle

  1. It will cost you 2 liters of gasoline( Php 80 ) for a round trip Sampao-Naval -Almeria
  2. If you hire a local guide, a Php 100 tip will be sufficient

Via Habal-Habal

  1. Habal-Habal drivers for a one way trip will charge you a minimum of Php 80.00  but if you decide to do pakyaw they will charge you Php 300 to return for you at a certain time. The cheaper alternative will be to take your chance and catch a ride at other drivers.
  2. If you hire a local guide, a Php 100 tip will be sufficient

Via Rent A Motorcycle

1. A entire day rental of a motor bike will cost a minimum of Php 300.00 plus the gasoline. If you hire a driver that would be negotiable plus you get a free guide; another tipid tip.


Travelling Tips:

  • Bring food and water
  • There is no mobile signal at these places. Just make sure your phone or camera is fully charged for picture purposes.
  • Do not travel alone and leave before sunset.
  • Wear good trainers or quality sandals
  • Do not travel during rainy days
  • There is no entrance fee.


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