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Some municipalities in Biliran Province observe and maintain the historical significance of local festivals, which depicts the legends, cultures and histories of their towns.

1. Sumbol Festival. also called "Halad sa Birhen" of Naval town, which depicts the ancient of the capital town "Bagasumbol", meaning something that protrudes to the sea as described by early settlers passing the area. The name Naval was later adopted in honor of the town's patroness Nuestra Señora Virgen del Rosario, also the patroness of the early Catholic Christians in a naval battle in Manila.

2. Buktay Festival of Cabucgayan town. depicts the bountiful harvests of the bukgay shell every 9th day of October. This is where the town of Cabucgayan derived its name.

3. Ginatulan Festival of Maripipi town. celebrates the wonder of pottery-making, of which the island town of Maripipi is known for. Ginatulan means the "galut" action of carving or cleaving chunks of clay from its very source or mound.

4. Ibid Festival of Caibiran town. portrays how the town of Caibiran got its name from the species of monitor lizard locally known as "ibid".