The Islands

Dalutan Island

Location Almeria Biliran, 20 minutes by pump boat from Agta Beach. Fare: P 700 (vice versa, pakyaw)

This thin strip of pristine white sand beach is shaded by overhanging trees. Sheltered from the open sea, it is great for snorkeling and diving, with a spectacular view of nearby islands.

What to Bring

Food, Water, Camping equipment


Fishing, Camping, Trekking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling etc...

Island Fee‘s

Price is subject to change without prior notice
Adult P 20.00 PHP / Head
Minors P 10.00 PHP / Head
Shed Rental (Big) P 200.00 PHP each
Shed Rental (Small) P 150.00 PHP each

Closing Time: 5 pm
overnight is not allowed


You should not travel after 5 pm especially when the weather is not good.




Hotels & Resorts

The best hotets and hostels in Biliran Island view


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Best places to stay in Biliran Island

Sambawan Island
Hagdan Beach Resort